We use recycled wool to the furthest extent. The recycled wool is derived from old wool garments and acquire extensive manual labour such as sorting by colour and composition, as well as picking off trims and labels. Occasionally the material does not live up to our desired finish and that is when we use 100% European wool. By using European wool we skip long distance freights from wool producers such as Australia which results in a great environmental win.


Our ambition is to use as much recycled wool as possible. However this is not always possible since we don't want to compromise the quality and the life span of a product. In this case we always use 100% European Wool. We mostly use Portuguese and British wool.

Recycled PET

One product group we take large pride in is our jackets made out of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.
What might have been an obvious choice for Swedes is not always a choice in other parts of the world. pet bottles are a large part of the waste and garbage we see on land and in our oceans.
The ability to recycle these bottles, not only to make new bottles, is a huge possibility to decrease the waste issue in the long run. We also use the recycled pet as padding in our jackets, as we refrain from using materials from animals.

Recycled Cotton

The recycled cotton we use is reused production spill from factories situated in the Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in China. Along the textile production line the different processes, such as cutting, generate spill material. This material is commonly thrown away causing a great loss of resources. But our suppliers do not do that, they gather it and refine it.

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