Rewaxing Conditions



Brixtol Textiles provides a custom re-waxing service to all owners of a Brixtol Textiles waxed cotton jacket, coat or parka. You may send your garment to Brixtol Textiles at your own cost and for a small fee we will re-wax your Brixtol Textiles waxed cotton jacket professionally and express ship it back to you. We re-wax our jackets using a dry-wax by Otterwax which leaves the garment with a dry finish opposed to "wet/oil" finish.



The Brixtol Textiles re-waxing service is carried out by an employee of Brixtol Textiles and is exclusive to Brixtol Textiles garments only. The re-waxing service does not include repairs and is only available to Brixtol Textiles garments produced in the Antique waxed cotton fabric. Our waxed cotton collection is Made in England by the world leading manufacturer the British Millerain. Below is the available styles (new and old) that can be re-waxed:

  • D.W Bomber
  • E.M Bomber
  • Curtis
  • Strummer
  • Wood Wax
  • Lori
  • Cole
  • Edward

If you don't know your jacket style or cannot recognize it from the available list on the re-waxing selection page, You may be the owner of a S1 variation or Limited Edition piece. We recommend in cases like this that you reach out to us by emailing a photo of your garment to



Brixtol Textiles will take a photo of your garment upon receiving it and another after the re-waxing process has been completed. Brixtol Textiles will store such photographs for reference incase of any damages, claims or matters regarding the handling of your garment while in the care of Brixtol Textiles or en-route on delivery or return.

If we receive a garment and the re-waxing fee has not been paid or completed, we may hold your garment for upto 7 days before returning it. In these cases one of our team will try reach out to you, if correspondence the garment is returned to sender address.



For customers located outside of the E.U (European Union) must pay an additional customs tax on the shipment of their garment. This fee must be payed in advance at your postal office or shipping carrier. The customs tax can be quite costly.

For more information please contact us at

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