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Wearers and owners of Brixtol Textiles waxed cotton garments can be rewaxed by us here in Stockholm, Sweden.

To get your waxed cotton garment professionally rewaxed by Brixtol Textiles:

  • Place a rewaxing order on our site
  • Send your garment to our office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Brixtol Textiles will rewax your garment within 30 days after receiving it. When the rewaxing treatment is completed we will return your garment to the address used at checkout.

For a longer lasting garment we recommend our customers to rewax the shell fabric once a year or every second year, depending on how often you wear it. Due to its natural texture as a protective layer the coating gradually wears off when exposed to rain, wind and friction.

Treating the cotton with a waxed coating is a traditional method used for centuries to create the original performance fabric with water repellent properties. The wax coating makes the cotton more durable and with that - creates a material with a longer lasting lifetime.

We rewax your garment using our reproofing spray, produced together with world leading manufacturer and innovator in in waxed and waterproof fabrics - Halley Stevensons, Scotland.

Our reproofing spray is fully biodegradable, as PFC's are extremely persistent in the environment, and free from flourocarbons.