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We use recycled wool to the furthest extent. The recycled wool is derived from old wool garments and acquire extensive manual labour such as sorting by colour and composition, as well as picking off trims and labels. Occasionally the material does not live up to our desired finish. That is when we use One hundred percent European wool. Australia produces more than three quarters of the wolds best merino wool. By using European wool we skip the long freight and got ourselves an environmental win.

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Margot – Taupe
Margot – Midnight Blue
Margot Taupe
404,000 KRW324,000 KRW
Margot – Midnight Blue
Margot – Taupe
Margot Midnight Blue
404,000 KRW324,000 KRW
T-Coat Wool – Black/Navy Check
T-Coat Wool – Brown
T-Coat Wool Black/Navy Check
593,000 KRW415,000 KRW
Harper – Black
Harper – Oat
Harper Black
606,000 KRW364,000 KRW
Olivia – Black
Olivia Black
660,000 KRW396,000 KRW
Ian – Black Navy Check
Ian – Black
Ian Black/Navy Check
593,000 KRW351,000 KRW
Ian – Black
Ian – Black Navy Check
Ian Black
526,000 KRW316,000 KRW
Deb – Pink Melange
Deb – Blue
Deb – Brown
Deb – Orange Navy Check
Deb – Rust
Deb Pink Melange
539,000 KRW324,000 KRW