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Rewax Conditions

Brixtol Textiles provides a custom rewaxing service to all owners of a Brixtol Textiles waxed cotton garment. After regularly usage over years, the protective layer gradually wears off when exposed to rain, wind and friction. Therefore we recommend rewaxing of your garment to extend its life span. We rewax your garments using our Reproofing Spray for waxed garments, produced together with world leading manufacturer and innovation in waxed and waterproof fabrics - Halley Stevensons.

 The Brixtol Textiles rewaxing service is carried out by an employee and is exclusive to Brixtol Textiles garments only. The rewaxing service does not include repairs.


To get your waxed cotton garment professionally rewaxed by Brixtol Textiles, place a rewaxing order on our site, when doing so you will receive a shipping label via email. By using this shipping label, ship your garment to our office in Stockholm, Sweden. Brixtol Textiles will rewax your garment within 30 days after receiving it. When the rewaxing treatment is completed we will return your garment to the address used at checkout.

e.u service only

Currently we do not offer this service for customers located outside of the European Union. The reason for this is the additional import taxes and duties.